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Published: 17th August 2017 | Traffic InfraTech Magazine

When anyone thinks of parking, three broad issues arise: not knowing where parking is available at the destination, no assurance that they will get parking when they reach there, and non-availability of parking spaces close to their destination. In the absence of a readily available solution, most of us keep circling around looking for a space to park, adding to the already high congestion on our streets. Further, the pervasive illegal parking that is common on our streets and even sidewalks just further adds to the congestion. This is borne out by a well-known IBM study which estimates that 30% of all congestion is caused due to drivers searching for parking spaces.

Our start-up was launched with on-ground operations in early 2016. Launching any start-up is a challenge and parking has always been unorganised and an after-thought in the urban infrastructure. There has been a steep learning curve in understanding the underlying challenges in digitisation, the problems faced by both customers and our partners such as restaurants, retailers and parking space owners. Designing a solution and developing a technology platform that serves their different needs require us to learn every day and that is what we have focused on.

ValetEZ provides two broad technology solutions – our main platform is a smart parking management solution called ParkEZ which can be used to manage different types of parking lots. ParkEZ is built on mobile and cloud and connects to different types of hardware and sensors as is required in a specific parking lot. It provides all the basic tools for a parking lot operator to manage his parking space including billings, space utilisation and the analytics that would help him manage his operations better.

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