(I introduced ValetEZ in my previous blog post. If you missed it, do check it out here)

I’ve lived in Bangalore for a large part of my professional life, and it’s been immensely rewarding to start-up in this city – let’s say it’s a mix of amazing tech talent, great weather, an amazing start-up culture. And of course, it’s great for driving.

Just kidding. If I may borrow from Bollywood and paraphrase – driving in Bangalore is not just tough, it’s impossible. (Credits: Don. If you decide you *have* to watch it, I recommend the 1978 version.)

So Bangalore – it’s one of the worst cities globally for commuters – and despite everything else, this point overshadows most lunch/dinner (& watercooler?) conversations. At ValetEZ, we set out to start solving this problem – Phase 1 of this effort was to document most of the available legal parking in Bangalore, and have users 1) Find parking 2) Add parking spots; both using our apps.

They did. And how!

Check this heat map of Bangalore out – shows every corner of the city, every user trying to find parking for his/her car, every part of town where parking is available/not available. It’s a beautiful representation of where most cars are, and where most drivers have to struggle to find parking (if you’re a Bangalorean, you surely noticed the huge clusters around MG road/Koramangala).

This is over 30,000 parking spots in 250+ locations, 2000+ car drivers, and we’re just 2 months in. Clearly there is a need, and we’re serving a part of it – and as we scale this out, our belief gets stronger, and so does our data.

As for proof of concept, Bangalore has spoken loud and clear – we’ll need to work hard and scale what we’ve started here. But as far as launching our minimum viable “MVP” version goes:

Bangalore: Check.

We have already started expanding to Hyderabad and Chennai. Our iPhone and Android apps should already start working for folks in these cities – let’s see how this goes!